[Work in progress… then again… you could say that about anything on this site… and the plan is that it always will be!… no use standing still 🙂 ]

You can check out my page on LinkedIn:

Theo Hughes at LinkedIn

but LinkedIn has some limitations – for example, it forces a particular format, and now you often have to be logged in even to view someone’s “public” profile. So this is an alternative, and more accessible, perspective.

My Story

I’m originally from England, but I currently reside in Australia. Australia is a long way away from a lot of places!… but the web is wonderful for allowing an international perspective… e.g. I just collaborated with a colleague in Oslo, Norway on a journal paper.

Among a variety of shorter and/or part time roles, I’ve had senior positions in publishing, IT and education. I originally thought I’d be a physics Professor but at key points in my life I’ve been too distracted by the multitude of interesting things going on in the world (e.g. when I did my initial degree at Cambridge University). And while I’m attracted to the “traditional” academic environment (I recently spent 10 years working at a university) I don’t always “fit in”… in actual fact, I don’t like fitting in… where there’s a need for improvement, I enjoy disrupting and changing the status quo, and bringing people with me – something I’ve become good at. Level 98 is a vehicle to do that more broadly.

However, I have found education has held my focus the most, and I’ve kept coming back to it – two parents who were teachers, who’d of guessed it! Hence why Level 98 is an “education” company.